Giveaway Winners

Hey guys, the Giveaway Winners are

Please send me a ref pic from whatever you want to draw me.

Sorry for all the one who doesnt won, but thanks for all of you guys <3



<3, I love this :D

yay I love massages <3 thank you Gieselbert  <3

(OMG he blush so cute <3) :D


But be careful. They’re rare - and shy at the beginning. <3

hng //to lazy for everything. // hng

I have a new friend, now I can be happy T-T

thx :D

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Reblog if you’re a oc ask blog


I’ve noticed a lack in oc pony ask blogs out there.


Guest appearances by:

Captain Enfield -
Skizze -
Adamant & Westwood -

Y’all seriously have no idea how hard I’ve been trying to figure out how to cameo Adamant and Westwood for the longest time now.

So there’s a bit of a story behind this post.  One day, totally out of the blue, this fellow named Zearou submitted a few pieces of rather lovely digital art, including a Merriweather-customized version of that halberd.  While it’s wonderful and I’m really quite flattered that he took it upon himself to put so much effort into something as a gift, I had no idea what to do with it!  This isn’t exactly an action-themed story and Merri’s already established that she doesn’t trust magical weapons, so it’s not like she’d keep them.  I thought having her report them to the proper authorities was far more in-character a move.

But all the same, thank you so much, Zearou!  It’s a lovely gift and very sweet of you!

Ooh my Gosh, Oh my Gosh, oh my Gosh! I think I´m having a heart attack! This is amazing, thank you so, sooooooooooo much <3<3<3 You really made my day! :D


*strange voice: It’s raping time*

Dew: Nope nope nope nope 

Asked by: Skizze

YOU CANT ESCAPE! Muhahahahahaha!

(OMG xD awesome face)


Seedy : Please Sweetyyyyyyyy !!

Ketchup <3

(Oh my I luv this thx so much <3<3<3) :D

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